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Zebra Stack

Zebra Stack

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Pink Zebra Jasper: This is a very nurturing stone & grounding thought to bring emotional & physical protection. Helps to replenish energy and supports the balancing of masculine and female energies. It can also help with motivating and bringing scattered energies and intentions into one’s work or goals & desires. Chakra: Root, Heart

Howlite: Calming stone used to reduce stress. Use for insomnia or an overactive mind. Can be used to absorb your own anger, or anger and negative energies of those around you. Can help with processing of emotions to bring you peace. Chakra: All

Zebra Jasper: This is a very grounding stone allowing one to get in tune with mother earth, and to find joy and peace in your surroundings. It can also help with bladder, kidney issues, and muscle aches and pains. Chakra: Root.