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About Us


To provide you a soul serving resource and a catalyst for curiosity to empower your growth and healing. Pura Vida Apothecary is a dispensary for creations that can encourage mind, body & soul connection. 

My goal and vision is that you use this website as a tool to get curious about what your body is calling in. What stones and oils are you attracted to? Use my brief descriptions and your own research abilities to explore the callings of your soul. We are all drawn to what we need, so get curious about what products are drawing you in. 

About The Concept

Simply put and translated, Pura Vida means pure life, however the concept is so much more. It is not only a phrase, but can be a way of life.

For me living the pure life means to be connected and one with my authentic self. To support my growth and journey in this life, by surrounding myself with people, places, and experiences that raise my vibration. It is a growing concept, and something that evolves every second, of every minute, of every day!

About The Creator

My name is Allison Galan and I am a Naturopathic Doctor & Healer practicing in Calgary, Alberta. For a while I have had the need for a creative outlet for all the extra projects I put my time and energy into. My creations are my passion. My goal is to offer unique pieces that can help an individual connect with themselves on a deeper level. 

The Teas

The teas are uniquely created and although no medical claims are made, intuitive and natural medical knowledge of body, mind & soul are used to formulate them. They are made with a respect for the unique physical and energetic properties that each herb embodies, and can offer to the consumer.