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Stone Descriptions

Each stone has it's own unique identity. Stones have traditionally be used for their individual healing qualities. They can help to shift blockages in the body and promote physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic wellbeing.  

We are all drawn to what we need in that moment. I encourage you to get curious about what stones are drawing you in. Read the descriptions as they can give you an idea as to why that particular stone might be beneficial for you. 

African Turquoise:
This is a stone of evolution and transformation. It helps to support growth, confidence, structure & balance to awaken you to your intended purpose. It can help with mood swings and soothe aggravation & help optimism.

Chakra: 3rd Eye, Throat


A stone of communication, understanding and truth. Used to heal stress and traumas at home & work. Cleansing and energetic filter for the throat, allowing one to speak and communicate more effectively.
Chakra: Throat
This is a stone for the spirit. It improves focus. It is a calming and meditative stone in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes.
Chakra: Crown
This stone mystically stimulates thoughts and ideas. It is thought to increase imagination and intuitive awareness. Helps with focus, learning, concentration and communication. Chakra: 3rd Eye
This stone helps to remove negative energy blockages and helps the wearer to improve relationships and communication. It also helps to attune oneself to their emotions. Brings peace and tranquility like that of the water. It is said to be the treasure of mermaids. It is strong both spiritually and emotionally.

Chakra: Throat

Supports reproductive organs and helps with fertility. Stimulates change, improves sexual & vital energy, creativity & desire. Helps to dispel sorrow, envy, and fear. Helps to overcome abuse of all kinds. A stone of power.
Chakra: Sacral
This is a stone of communication. This stone is deeply connected to the vibrations of Mother Earth & sea. It can help to support the feminine energies in men/ women. For healing and strengthening emotional bonds.
Chakra: Throat, Heart
The stone of abundance. Can help with attracting prosperity. Increases one’s motivation & optimism. Brings a comforting energy while dissipating negative energy.
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Cherry Quartz:
This stone is used to heal emotional wounds. It can help to elevate the vibration of life and promote action and drive. This is a stone to bring hope and rid anxiety. It is used when you need courage. It is considered a charger stone used to restore energy and vitality.
Chakra: Heart
Clear Quartz:
Clears and activates the chakras, while protecting auras. It is known as the master healer, and works to amplify energies, thoughts and manifestations. It absorbs, stores, transforms and releases energies.
Chakra: Crown, All
Dogtooth Amethyst:
A major stone for neutralizing negative energy that surrounds us. This stone blocks jealousy, envy, and other low vibration energies from interfering with our aura.
Chakra: Crown and 3rd Eye


Druzy Quartz:
It is a stone for purification and healing an strengthening the spirit. These stones are good for balancing mood and combatting depression. Wear these to help you relax and reduce stress. It also helps to remove blocked energy and thus can help to improve circulation and the immune system.
Chakra: All
This is a personal power stone in order to increase and rejuvenate one’s own personal power. It is a stone of the heart and can help with dispelling jealousy and bring harmony and balance.
Chakra: Root
Fluorite can help to bring mental clarity and stability to chaotic situations. It can increase intuitive abilities and helps with connection of self to spirit. Helps with organizations and de-clutter that which doesn’t serve you.
Chakra: Upper (Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye)


Green Spot Jasper:
This is a great stone for healing emotional concerns, and balancing the heart chakra. It helps you to understand your emotional needs with more clarity. This stone is also very calming and aids insomnia.
Chakra: Heart
Calming stone used to reduce stress. Use for insomnia or an overactive mind. Can be used to absorb your own anger, or anger and negative energies of those around you. Can help with processing of emotions to bring you peace.
Chakra: All
A stone of the heavens. Legends say this stone was created during a giant upheaval of the universe made of sky and sunlight. Helps in keeping your mind at peace promoting balance and cosmic alignment.
Chakra: 3rd Eye
Often called “black moonstone.” Use to remove toxins and negative energies from the physical and etheric bodies. This stone can help with focus and stimulate inner visions to ground you in astral travel. Enhances psychic abilities.
Chakra: Root
Known as the peace stone. Can reduce stress, alleviate depression, and help with deep emotional healing. Helps to stabilize mood swings, calming obsessive thoughts, and can help with insomnia.
Chakra: 3rd eye, Crown


This is a stone of transformation. It is said to bring health and positive changes, to help the wearer achieve abundance and enhance manifestation of intentions. If you are drawn to this it could mean it is time for a change. This stone also encourages fidelity in love and friendship & is considered a soul mate stone.
Chakra: Heart


Helps us in achieving goals in a relaxed and practical way. Fortifies the immune system, purifies the blood, heals wounds. It is a stone of strength and vitality, and increases the life force within the physical body. Helps to awaken one’s own instincts in knowing what direction to take.
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Brings calm, peace, and balance. It brings a nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy. The stone of the mother moon, healing waters, and sacred feminine energies. Associated with fertility and the inner goddess.
Chakra: 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus
Holds the elements of fire, water, and earth and is a very powerful stone. Used to look inside one-self to reveal one’s shadow/ flaws in order to clear these. Carries a power of catharsis and deep soul healing. It can bring awareness to changes that need to be made.
Chakra: Root
To help release negative emotions such as grief. Grounding and protects against negative energies.
Chakra: Root, Crown


Pink Petalite:

To help to find peace and understanding with traumatic experiences. Use to release negative energy and to cut energetic ties.
Chakra: Heart
Pink Zebra Jasper:
This is a very nurturing stone & grounding thought to bring emotional & physical protection. Helps to replenish energy and supports the balancing of masculine and female energies. It can also help with motivating and bringing scattered energies and intentions into one’s work or goals & desires.
Chakra: Root, Heart 
Stone of unconditional love. The stone used to heal the healer and connect you to higher spiritual planes. Stimulates energy and strengthens the life force. It is a powerful dream stone, and can help stimulate inner knowing.
Chakra: Heart


This stone is a symbol of prosperity & abundance. This stone helps you to harness Mother Earth energy and can help with grounding. Its masculine energy helps you to tap in to your own will and vitality to stimulate the flow of ideas, and carry these ideas forward into action.
Chakra: Sacral & Solar
Red Jasper:
Stone of empowerment. Brings confidence and courage. Helps in healing sexual traumas and domestic abuse.
Chakra: Root
This stone is for emotional healing. It is good for emotional pain and clearing wounds of the past. Use this stone to release pain, hatred, self-destructive behaviours & resentment.
Chakra: Heart
Rhyolite Kambaba Jasper:
This is a stone of peace and tranquility. For security & protection. It helps with stressful events and is very nurturing. It is also used to cleanse the body of toxins, boost the immune system, and support fertility.
Chakra: Heart
Rhyolite Jasper:
It is a stone of solutions, change & progress. It is beneficial for those with self-esteem & self-worth issues and can help to promote self-love. It brings a calming energy helping to dispel & heal negative energy & anger. It can help with relationships and improving life’s circumstance. It brings insight and helps with the resolution of problems.
Chakra: Heart
Rose Quartz:
Stone of unconditional love. Transmits feminine energy of compassion and peace. Heals wounds of the heart. Promotes peace, forgiveness and self-acceptance. Remove negative energy and promotes self-love. Can help with relationships of all kinds.
Chakra: Heart
Red Quartz/ Fire Quartz:
This is a stone for protection and improving energy & vitality. It can help to facilitate deep understanding between lovers by removing barriers or blockages, improving communication.
Chakra: Root
Can help to bring emotional balance while helping you to detach from pain. It can strengthen your will to understanding love, and help to foster creativity and the development of talents and artistic ventures.
Chakra: Root & Heart 
Ruby in Zoisite:
This stone can help to awaken your true self and improve joy and engagement in life. It is a powerful stone that can help to strengthen intentions and stimulate vitality, empowerment & courage.
Chakra: Heart & Root
Smoky Quartz:
A powerful stone for grounding and protection. Amplifies and strengthens our auric protective shield, protecting us from lower vibrational energies. Helps to dispel jealousy and envy. Only available in the Root Chakra Candle.
Chakra: Root
A stone of the skies, angels, psychic powers and intuition. Facilitates logical thinking and spiritual awareness. Improves connection to truth. This stone helps in past life recollection.
Chakra: 3rd Eye
This stone helps to encourage clear communication of one’s highest truth and helps the mind and heart communicate with each other. It is a good stone to help with career changes and problem solving, helping the wearer to find solutions in difficult situations.
Chakra: Throat & 3rd Eye
Tiger’s Eye:
Aids with harmony and balance. Helps with decision-making and to release fear and anxiety. Use this stone for hormonal & reproductive concerns.
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Tourmaline Quartz:
A stone of purity and protection. This can convert negative energy into positive energy. This stone supports grounding and balancing of the yin and yang energies.
Chakra: 3rd Eye
Stone of protection. It is a stone for self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. This stone helps with communication and speaking one’s truth.
Chakra: Throat