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Costa Rica Matte Stack

Costa Rica Matte Stack

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Garnet Meaning: This is a stone of strength and safety, prosperity & abundance. It helps with self-empowerment, and is also thought to detox and purify the body. It is also said to help with increasing metabolism and libido. Chakra: Root, Solar P, Sacral, Heart

Lapis Lazuli Meaning: This stone is considered to be a symbol of wisdom & truth. It encourages self-awareness, self-expression, and reveals one’s inner truths. It is thought to bring out qualities of compassion & honesty. It allows the wearer to speak their truth, while having confidence. Chakra: Throat

Howlite: Calming stone used to reduce stress. Use for insomnia or an overactive mind. Can be used to absorb your own anger, or anger and negative energies of those around you. Can help with processing of emotions to bring you peace. Chakra: All