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ROOT | Chakra Roll On
ROOT | Chakra Roll On

ROOT | Chakra Roll On

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Ingredients: essential oils, fractionated coconut oil. Apply to wrists and neck as desired.

Essentially with this deal, you buy 6 and get one free!

Root: patchouli, bergamot, frankincense & myrrh. *Can also apply this one to the soles of your feet.

Sacral: wild orange & vanilla.

Solar Plexus: lemon, grapefruit, wild orange & peppermint.

Heart: jasmine & rose.

Throat: spearmint, tea tree, eucalyptus, wintergreen & peppermint. 

3rd Eye: peppermint, frankincense & lavender.

Crown: rosemary, lavender & ylang ylang.

You can also find these essential oil roll-ons in the CHAKRA BOX but do not contain the stone roller ball.