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Dark & Stormy Men's Stack

Dark & Stormy Men's Stack

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Howlite: Calming stone used to reduce stress. Use for insomnia or an overactive mind. Can be used to absorb your own anger, or anger and negative energies of those around you. Can help with processing of emotions to bring you peace. Chakra: All

Lazulite: A stone of the heavens. Legends say this stone was created during a giant upheaval of the universe made of sky and sunlight. Helps in keeping your mind at peace promoting balance and cosmic alignment. Chakra: 3rd Eye

Onyx: To help release negative emotions such as grief & fear. Grounding and protects against negative energies. Helps to center and align oneself, and connect to your higher self. It can help with wise decision-making and to amplify intuitive abilities. Holds the elements of fire, water, and earth and is a very powerful stone. Used to look inside one-self to reveal one’s shadow & flaws in order to clear these. Carries a power of catharsis and deep soul healing. It can bring awareness to changes that need to be made. Chakra: Root, Crown