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Angelite Tourmaline Moonstone Charm | Sterling Silver

Angelite Tourmaline Moonstone Charm | Sterling Silver

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You have a choice of either Angelite/Celestite (blue) OR Black Tourmaline with moonstone chips and sterling silver findings. Choose your STAR OR MOON charm.


Celestite: This stone has a gentle and uplifting vibration. It can help to sharpen and calm the mind while promoting purity in the heart. It can calm fiery emotions and brings a peaceful calming atmosphere in times of stress. Chakra: Throat, 3rd Eye

Black Tourmaline: This stone is used for protecting against negative energy. It is a powerful grounding stone, and can help with one's spiritual connection to Earth. This stone can also guard against toxins and environmental pollutants. Chakra: Root

Moonstone: Brings calm, peace, and balance. It brings a nourishing, sensual, deeply feminine energy. The stone of the mother moon, healing waters, and sacred feminine energies. Associated with fertility and the inner goddess. Chakra: 3rd Eye, Solar Plexus