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Amazonite | Silver Skull

Amazonite | Silver Skull

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Amazonite Meaning: A stone of communication, understanding and truth. Used to heal stress and traumas at home & work. Cleansing and energetic filter for the throat, allowing one to speak and communicate more effectively. Chakra: Throat

This bracelet comes with clear quartz OR howlite as the accent stone.

Clear Quartz: Clears and activates the chakras, while protecting auras. It is known as the master healer, and works to amplify energies, thoughts and manifestations. It absorbs, stores, transforms and releases energies. Chakra: Crown, All.

Howlite: Calming stone used to reduce stress. Use for insomnia or an overactive mind. Can be used to absorb your own anger, or anger and negative energies of those around you. Can help with processing of emotions to bring you peace. Chakra: All.